Child Protection

Child Protection

A Child Protection policy detailing the appropriate behaviour expected from the school community toward children can be found in the Staff Handbook and is available to parents on request.

All staff and visitors (eg tutors, coaches and presenters) must have a Working With Children Check clearance.

All staff receive annual training in child protection and are mandatory reporters of children at risk of significant harm.

Parents are required to sign a Child Protection Code of Conduct form each year communicating their understanding of expectations when offering support at school in the classrooms, at sporting events or on excursions.

A copy of the School’s Code of Conduct form is included in this Parent Handbook.

If parents have a child protection concern involving staff misconduct or staff reportable conduct and wish to make a complaint the process is outlined in the Reporting Staff Misconduct or Reportable Conduct section of the Complaints and Concerns policy below.

Complaints Relating to Staff Misconduct or Reportable Conduct.

The following steps should be followed when dealing with a complaint about staff misconduct or Reportable conduct.

Information about staff misconduct and Reportable conduct can be found the School’s Child Protection Policy (Available in the Staff Handbook at the office or from all teaching staff)

Any matters of staff misconduct or Reportable conduct should be raised with the Principal
If the matter involves the Principal then it should be raised with the Board Chairman – Mr David Cowdery
The complaint should be put in writing, by email to the Principal’s confidential, secure email (sdodd The Board chairman’s confidential, secure email is
The matter must not be discussed with any other people. Confidentiality is essential.
The school will reply in writing to acknowledge receipt of the complaint.
The School will then consider the complaint to determine how the complaint will be responded to. If the school is to investigate the complaint, the school will periodically update the complainant on the school’s progress (as is appropriate)
The school will inform the complainant in writing that the complaint has been finalised.
Complainants should be aware the time frame for dealing with issues of staff misconduct or Reportable conduct are substantially longer than general complaints to the school.
Complainants should also be aware that there may be limitations under the Ombudsman’s Act and privacy legislation regarding disclosure of information about an investigation and the outcome of an investigation.