Curriculum at Berowra Christian School

Registration with the NSW Board of Studies is maintained through the standard process of documentation and regular inspection and it is a requirement of registration that all schools use Board of Studies approved courses in the delivery of their educational curriculum. Our reporting requirements are compliant with each child developing individuality in community, ensuring they have the best foundation to serve and excel.

Working closely with the Board of Studies’ new Australian Curriculum, we teach the following core subjects:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Science
  • Creative and Practical Arts

*See below for further details

Standardised Testing

To make sure that all students are receiving the right learning support, they are assessed twice annually to map literacy and numeracy progress. We carry out these internal standardised tests twice a year to monitor student progress. The NAPLAN assessments are conducted in May for students in Years Three and Five. We are careful to ensure that any student in need of learning assistance receive required support.

Class Sizes and Composition

Our small class sizes ensure that students receive individualised instruction making the teaching/learning experience one of great rigour, progress, adaptation and vitality. We often have composite classes and these work successfully, allowing excellent socialisation across grades and good opportunities to vary the pace of learning for individual students.


Teaching with a Biblical Worldview

In addition to teaching in all Key Learning Areas, we teach from a Biblical worldview that underpins the values we adhere to, and provides a platform and reference for competing interests in school life. The Word of God is integrated sensitively and respectfully with an emphasis on service and Christ’s grace, into all aspects of school life, from prayer at the commencement of the day to the foundations of our policy formation.

Teaching Beyond the Curriculum


Supporting the Key Learning Areas, we offer a number of other learning opportunities. Music and Art are both taught by specialists and children are introduced to Information Technology from Kindergarten in the school computer lab. A high-profile exists for the school in sport with many representative opportunities and we enjoy using Berowra oval twice every week, keeping students active and fit. Our students participate in yearly activities such as our Thanksgiving Service, our biennial Pet Show and Grandparents Days – all opportunities to extend their skills beyond the curriculum.


EnglishWriting and Representing; Handwriting and Using Digital Technologies; Spelling; Reading and Viewing; Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary; Speaking and Listening; Thinking imaginatively and Creatively
MathematicsNumber & Algebra; Measurement & Geometry; Statistics and Probability
Science & TechnologyScience, Technology/Computers
History and Geography
Creative ArtsMusic, Visual Arts, Drama & Dance
Personal Development, Health & Physical EducationPersonal Development and Health, Physical Education
Bible StudyKnowledge, Interest & Participation


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