Enrol with BCS

Enrol with BCS

Thank you for considering Berowra Christian School for your child’s education. In all our teaching and learning we emphasize the relevance of the Bible to the realities of life, both as they affect children now and as they will affect them later in life.

Enrolment Policy

Berowra Christian School welcomes applications from students whose parents/ guardians are looking for an engaging, Christian education that prepares their child/ children for a secure and fulfilled future.

Processing Enrolment Applications

An “Application for Enrolment” form needs to be completed and forwarded with the following:

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • The child’s immunisation record
  • A recent school report (if applicable)
  • Proof of citizenship for parents born overseas or Visa details
  • Any pre-school or health professional reports that may help the school understand any particular needs the child may have
  • $100 enrolment application fee

A school-parent interview (usually with the Principal) is scheduled, followed by a child assessment interview to determine the child’s readiness for school.  At this evaluation, parents are asked to detail any medical or psychological/ learning difficulties their child may have. This is so that we can ensure we have the right resources and learning development strategies in place for your child, helping them develop in the best ways possible.

Once a student placement has been secured and accepted, an enrolment downpayment of $200 is required and will be deducted from your first term fees.

Your Commitment to Christian Education

The school’s philosophy is grounded in Biblical principles, values and beliefs and it is therefore assumed that when you enquire, you share or respect these same beliefs and values and strive to encourage these principles in your children through your personal example as a committed Christian.

The school seeks to provide an opportunity for all applicants seeking a Christian education regardless of church or denominational affiliation. We do understand however that you may not have an active church affiliation or share the same values and commitment to the Christian faith. If this is the case, our policy is to discuss your application with the School Board and raise it for consideration on the basis that you would uphold the values, beliefs and principles of the school regardless.

Your enrolment application acceptance would be processed on the condition that clear support for the Christian philosophy and activities of the school is confirmed by a signed statement.

However, if you as a parent or guardian are not able to agree with these terms or feel that you are unable to commit to the Christian philosophy, assent must be given supporting the school’s aims. The School Board is committed to preserving the true character of Christian community across the school and it is vital that we can count on the support from the home front in establishing that community.

Once your enrolment has been accepted and you have accepted the position for your child, an Acceptance of Offer of Enrolment Form will be provided. This needs to be returned before class commencement and by signing, you acknowledge that as parents/ guardians you will:

  • Undertake, by example and instruction, to encourage your child in the establishment and growth of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Support the decisions and aims of Berowra Christian School, ensuring your child abides by the conditions, regulations and assessment criteria of the school, attending at all times as required by law.
  • Support the School in its aim to foster a spirit of co-operation and encourage the pursuit of excellence in all areas of endeavour, including the active and willing participation of your child in all aspects of School life, including Christian teaching. Accept the discipline policy of the School, and the School’s discretion in the event of your child’s failure to comply, in its recommendation for suspension or termination.
  • Agree to pay fees promptly by the due date, and to contact the School as early as possible if you encounter hardships
Procedural Fairness and Integrity

The School Board is committed to just process based on procedural fairness and integrity.  For a student to be eligible to continue to be enroled at Berowra Christian School, the School Executive must be satisfied that:

  • The student and their family are maintaining their full support for the Christian philosophy and ethos of the school;
  • The student and family are meeting the requirements outlined in the original enrolment agreement which includes examples such as uniform compliance, fee payment, following communication procedures;
  • The student participates fully in all extra-curricular activities arranged by the School including, but not limited to: school athletics, swimming, and cross-country carnivals, the Annual Thanksgiving Service, excursions and camps unless granted an exemption by the Principal for compelling reasons.
  • The family acknowledges that if they choose to withdraw their child from the School, a minimum of ten weeks notice must be given, or, if notice cannot be given with the minimum ten weeks, then a full term’s fee must be paid in lieu of notice.
  • The activities of the student and/or family are not likely to bring significant criticism upon the school, or create disharmony or distress, for either staff, students or the school community;
  • The student’s behaviour and attitudes are such that it does not unduly interfere with the ongoing physical safety, spiritual and emotional well-being of other pupils in the school;
  • There is active acceptance by the student and the family of the authority of the School in organisational, educational, disciplinary and other school matters.
  • Full disclosure of relevant medical and/or other conditions has occurred.
Assessment Reviews, Warnings, Suspensions and Expulsion Policy

We are committed to ensuring that all students receive the same quality of care,teaching and support and that students learn to respect one another as well as their teachers and the school’s support staff. At times when the above conditions are not being consistently met, we may carry out assessments to determine if the school can continue to meet the needs of the child.

All decisions are made prayerfully after informed consideration based on consultation with parents and staff and other affected parties. If following a careful review of the evidence, a decision is made by the school executive that a student’s enrolment should be discontinued or suspended due to lack of compliance with any of the above reasons, the parents/guardians will be informed of the review’s determination along with an explanation.

If the parents/guardians of the student wishes to question the exclusion, an appeal against the decision, in writing, may be lodged with the School Board within seven (7) days of the date of notification of the exclusion.  After the written response from the family is received, the Board will then make a final decision, giving due consideration to the matters at hand and the merits of the case. The results of the appeal will then be conveyed in writing to the family in question.

In future, changes may be made to the Conditions for Continued Enrolment at the absolute discretion of the School Board, and notification of the changes will appear in the School Newsletter for two consecutive publications.

Financial Hardship

Every child has a right to be educated in the best possible environment with the best possible resources and Berowra Christian School endeavours to aid disadvantaged students whenever possible. If you are struggling financially, and can demonstrate that you are experiencing major financial hardship, we may be able to offer you a discount on fees. Contact our Bursar at any time to discuss your circumstances and you will be advised on how to apply for financial hardship consideration.

Enrol Today!

Berowra Christian School was established by Berowra Baptist Church to serve Christian parents from any denomination who wish their children to be educated in a Christ-centred environment, and who are prepared to support that concept at home. The curriculum is therefore designed to meet that need and to help parents fulfill their responsibility to God for their children.

All enquiries should be directed to the Principal who will articulate the School Board’s directives. Contact us below.

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