Parent Help

Parent Help

Parent help is essential in any school – and greatly appreciated! We ask parents to contribute about one hour per week per child. You will be able to select your preferred areas of skill, for example, helping in the classroom with specific subject matters, general help or perhaps with administrative duties.

This involvement enables us to focus on teaching your child knowing that other areas of need are being taken care of. It helps us run the school more efficiently and students love to see you helping out around school. It teaches them so much about community involvement, self sacrifice and having a servant heart – all vital characteristics for developing well rounded and happy children.

In turn, you gain valuable insight into your child’s school life. With parents involved so deeply and regularly, a sense of vibrant, active community is generated which remains a lasting testimony for those who have invested time in the school and we are confident that you too will enjoy your time with us as well as feel appreciated as much as you are needed.

If you’ve got pre-school children at home, and feel that you are unable to come into the school to assist, we encourage you to help out other parents in the same situation by creating a barter system. This greatly strengthens the school community and gives you as a parent an opportunity to make friends and support each other, again contributing to teaching your children valuable lessons in servant hood, compassion and generosity.

We also ask that each family commit to one School Working Bee per year.  Those with time limitations are encouraged to contribute financially to having work done by a paid contractor.

School Working Bee

Each term we organise a School Working Bee. We ask that each family commit to one these days, usually on the Saturday before each Term commences , but realise that this is not always feasible. If you have time limitations we encourage you to contribute financially to having work done by a paid contractor.

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