Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Christian School has a mandate of pastoral responsibility going well beyond today’s educational expectations. Christian Schooling Student Welfare should not just be pastoring which defends, but that which sends out messengers with the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost world. “Christians’ actions must be pro-active, generated out of the conviction that the path they wish to follow is a faithful and obedient response to the calling of the Word of God.”

Student Welfare should not be seen as a ‘reactive’ policy but as a ‘pro-active’ tool for the empowering of students. Having a clear statement of policy in regard to Student Welfare will enable the Christian school to“… consciously ask whether all aspects of the content and structure of its curriculum contribute to helping students be and become responsive disciples of Jesus Christ.”2 The school curriculum must not allow secular policies to prevail, which will harm the very children it seeks to help.
Since 2016 Berowra Christian School has employed a School Chaplain, Mrs Lesley Burdon, who is available to talk and pray with students, parents, family or staff members who may be struggling with life issues or just need a listening ear.

Key programs which build positive values into children’s lives are:

Partner, Prefect and Leadership Roles
Recognition of each child as an individual
Various protective and employment policies
Active prayer and broad Bible teaching
Opportunities to use and develop giftedness and talents in the school and wider community.

Need Help?

Would you like to discuss a pastoral care matter? If you have an urgent need relating to your child’s pastoral care, please contact the school during business hours on (02) 9456 4444. Alternatively, fill out the form and we will connect with you as soon as possible.

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